The 30-Second Superfood Smoothie: A Review of Daily Harvest


Smoothies have been a game changer for me when it comes to my health. In fact, a daily smoothie is what began my journey towards feeling more energized, less bloated and having clearer and brighter skin! To say that I am superfood smoothie junkie, would be putting it lightly.

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Lately though, I’ve been seriously knocked off my smoothie game. Have you ever found that when you get out of routine it’s so much harder to jump back in? I believe this to be true because the time and energy that was taken up by the healthy behavior has now been replaced with something else (whether good or bad) and it takes effort to reassess and realign our priorities and behaviors. Just a little food for thought!

Needless to say, I needed a kick in the butt to jumpstart my daily smoothie routine. Enter in Daily Harvest, the most convenient and delicious pre-packed smoothie delivery service.


When Daily Harvest reached out to me to try some of their smoothies, it felt like Christmas. I had been secretly stalking them on Instagram and was drooling over all of their delicious superfood smoothie combos. These smoothie packs aren’t your typical berry or tropical green smoothie blend, they are packed with fun and insanely nutritious ingredients!

So what IS Daily Harvest?

Simply put, Daily Harvest provides healthy smoothies (in 14 flavors) ready in 30 seconds. They are ready to blend and delivered straight to your door! Talk about a package worth waiting around for…

The flavors I opted to try out were: carrot + chia, mint + cacao, apple + greens, blueberry + hemp, pineapple + matcha and banana + greens.


What I love most about these smoothies is that while the flavors sound simple, each blend is loaded with superfoods and fun ingredients, such as: ginger, turmeric, walnuts, golden figs, coconut oil, chlorella, wheatgrass and chia seeds to name a few. All of the ingredients used are picked at their peak and farm-frozen, ensuring we (the consumer) get the biggest nutritional bang for our buck.

Okay, well there’s two things I love most. The other is that there’s only three steps involved: open, add liquid and blend! It’s that easy. I do think you’re supposed to add the liquid to the cup with the ingredients still in there, but I found I needed more liquid, so I measured out the liquid after I added the ingredients to the blender.

Get 3 FREE SMOOTHIES with your first order!

I’ve teamed up with Daily Harvest to offer you three free smoothies off of your first order by entering code “FITLIVINGEATS” at checkout. Now how’s that for a way to kick off the weekend? All you have to do is click on this link, pick your smoothies and enter code “FITLIVINGEATS” when you’re ready to checkout! Easy peasy.

30-second superfood smoothies via Daily Harvest | Get 3 FREE smoothies!

Do you have a love affair with smoothies? What smoothie flavor would you choose? Share with me in the comments below!30-second superfood smoothies via Daily Harvest | Get 3 FREE smoothies!

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