The 30-Second Superfood Soup: A Review of Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest Superfood Soups

When Daily Harvest came out with their Superfood Smoothie Cups, I thought life couldn’t get any better. I love my daily smoothies, but sometimes, I’m in such a rush that even throwing together ingredients seems like too much work. On busy days, it’s Daily Harvest to the rescue since their smoothie cups take about 30 seconds to make from start to finish!

But then, the colder months hit, and well, I guess those that don’t live in Florida were craving a bowl of warmth rather than a cooling cup of nutritional goodness. Enter in, the 30-second superfood SOUP! It’s a game-changer, friends.

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30-Second Smoothie and Soup Cups via Daily Harvest | Get 3 FREE Cups with your first order!

Truth be told, I could have soup whether it’s hot or cold outside, so when Daily Harvest came out with their new superfood soup cups, I couldn’t wait to try.

The superfood soups come in three different flavors (and of course, I got all three!):

  • Mushroom + Miso
  • Carrot + Coconut
  • Zucchini + Black Garlic

30-Second Superfood Soups via Daily Harvest | Get 3 FREE Soups with your first order using code "FITLIVINGEATS"

If I’m being honest, I was really holding my breath with these newbies. I mean, how good can a frozen, microwavable soup be? But boy, was I wrong!

I dug into the mushroom + miso soup the moment the box arrived at my doorstep and it is bursting with flavor. There is so much depth from the red miso paste and the variety of mushrooms in this single cup makes my foodie heart flutter with joy.

Mushroom + Miso 30-Second Superfood Soup via Daily Harvest

Some might say that the cost of these superfood cups makes their wallet feel uncomfortable, but if you take a look at the ingredients that Daily Harvest uses in each of their cups, it would cost a fortune to keep such a superfood variety on hand. We’re talking mushroom powders and other superfood powders, black garlic (a gourmet ingredient) and acai to name a few.

If you’re looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, literally and nutritionally, I recommend you try out Daily Harvest. Especially if you are a busy person on-the-go looking for healthy options!

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Get 3 FREE SMOOTHIES OR SOUPS with your first order!

I’ve teamed up with Daily Harvest to offer you three free cups with your first order by using code “FITLIVINGEATS” at checkout. How how’s that for a “super” deal? All you have to do is click on this link, pick your smoothie or soup cups (or both!) and enter code “FITLIVINGEATS” when you’re ready to checkout.

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  • Katie says:
    Just ordered and can't wait to try the soups and smoothies!
  • Lauren says:
    These are amazing-thanks so much for the article. I definitely like the smoothies more though. Also have found my kiddos like them and it's a great way to get them to increase their veggie intake :)
    • Carly Ferguson says:
      The smoothies are my favorite - I am such a fan! I'm so glad that you like them AND that your kids like them... win!
  • Dan says:
    Whoa, I didn't even know Daily Harvest has soups! We're in love with their smoothies. Can't wait to try some :) they sound delicious.