“Carly was able to help me overcome some debilitating digestive issues and guide me towards feeling lighter by offering up suggestions to what I was currently eating and doing, encouraging me to try new things and providing recipes and meal plans that fit my lifestyle! The biggest change I’ve noticed is how I’m feeling and my increased mindfulness around how foods affect how I feel. I no longer deal with any digestive issues – I feel like a different person! Carly is friendly, super informative and incredibly supportive. I would recommend her to anyone looking to become healthier, have more energy and feel their best. I have learned so much from Carly and look forward to continue to expanding on this knowledge I now have!”

Sarah l.

berry smoothie with strawberries on a cutting board

“When I started working with Carly, I wanted to learn more about a healthy diet to reverse my recent weight gain. The accountability through the food journal was fantastic because Carly was able to provide simple suggestions that made a huge difference. Once I implemented these changes, Carly helped me find recipes and foods that incorporated what I liked and was realistic. Over the course of 3 months, I lost 20 pounds and 3% body fat. Aside from the obvious weight loss, the biggest difference I notice is in how I feel. I don’t have starvation cravings and my energy levels are increased and consistent throughout the day. Carly is an expert, professional and was my biggest advocate!”

Matt P.

“Carly was able to help me reach my goals by providing healthy recipes to get me started. She taught me what food groups should be on my plate for each meal and snack. Carly worked with me in an environment that made achieving my goals realistic. I am actually reaching for healthy foods by choice now! Carly made sure that I learned how to live a nutritious lifestyle instead of just giving me a plan that told me what to do so that I can build sustainable habits!”

Roxanne D.

veggie bowl on a cutting board with a fork

Interested in one-on-one health coaching?

Workshops/Corporate Clients

“Carly is an excellent advocate of healthy eating, and her comfortable and non-judging style of teaching is welcomed here at Orlando Health. The audience loves having her as she shares the value of each ingredient, encourages audience participation and demonstrates cooking techniques along with her own tasty recipes. She comes fully stocked with her kitchen on-the-go and is a positive and energetic presenter. The audience feels at home and always has a lot of questions! I love working with Carly because I’m confident that she will follow up, show up and offer a successful and professionally presented class.” 

Nicole Santapola
Program Manager of Health Education & Cancer Prevention
Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center

“When I started working with Carly, I wanted to learn more about a healthy diet to reverse my recent weight gain. The accountability through the food journal was fantastic because Carly was able to provi“Working with Carly was a blessing from start to finish. Her knowledge, passion and professionalism were 2nd to none. We had a fairly large group and they were engaged and STILL talking about how great the event was! We’ve invited Carly to come back for future workshops to continue to engage with our clients.” 

Dr. Ben Rall
Achieve Wellness Founder

“Partnering with Carly was one of the most impactful decisions we have made. We have seen our engagement levels increase by 95% from past program participation. With eight locations across two states and 300 participants in our program, it has been amazing to see the connections Carly has made with our clients. The most frequent comment we receive from participants is that Carly comes across as real, trustworthy and a genuine source for living a new, healthy life!” 

Joe C.
Director of Fitness
MVP Sportsplex

breakfast cookies on black wire rack

“Carly recently held a wellness workshop for our department onsite at Southwest Airlines Corporate Headquarters. With dozens of our team members in attendance over a lunch session, Carly prepared an overview of healthy eating choices, led a hands-on demonstration preparing recipes with volunteers from our audience, and provided valuable insights in a Q&A session with the group. She was engaging, informative, and the perfect resource to support our company’s focus on wellness. Our team left the session not only with great examples of simple changes they can make, but also with recommendations for local providers available in the area. If you are looking for a way to bring your wellness goals to life, I’d highly recommend Carly for your team!”

Justin R.
Senior Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
Southwest Airlines

“Carly has been a vital part of our studio and community for the past few years. Not only has she helped to create a more cohesive and positive community at our studio, but she has also worked to guide clients one-on-one with their nutrition goals. Carly has helped our clients to get the most out of taking care of their health and well-being by combining thoughtful nutrition in conjunction with our workouts. She has taken the time to plan Bar Method private event cooking classes and nutritional workshops at our studio. She is always positive, thoughtful and professional while making it fun, too! I don’t know what we do without her knowledge, expertise and care.” 

Karen M.
The Bar Method
Studio Owner

Interested in partnering with Carly?

Cooking Classes

“Carly has energized my healthy way of thinking! I like the fact that she describes why we are eating certain foods I am not familiar with. Going home with overnight oats and a mason jar salad for the next day is genius. I have learned so much from Carly. The classes are fun, as well as educational, and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to change their lifestyle!” 

Rebecca R.

“Carly is incredibly personable and innovative in the kitchen. She keeps you motivated, but doesn’t overwhelm you. I’ve implemented many of the recipes at home, since they are simple and easy to recreate, even during a busy work week! I believe people are always looking for something new, wanting to add to their recipe collection and become healthier, so I recommend these classes to friends, family and coworkers!” 

Holly S.

“I started taking Carly’s cooking classes and was blown away. Carly is an excellent chef, her recipes are seasonal, easy to prepare and full of taste and ingredients that do more for your body than you can know. Carly is incredibly creative, friendly, and knowledgeable about the foods we are cooking with. She is the best of both worlds – a health coach with culinary skill. ” 

Nicole S.

lentil tacos made with romaine lettuce leaves

“Thank you for such a wonderful cooking class! You are so inspiring and have such positive energy. The overnight oats and mason jar salad were delicious and such a time saver during a busy day. I can’t wait to check out all of your healthy recipes so that I can continue to feel great!”

Colleen R.

Interested in participating in a cooking classes?

21-Day Meal Plan

“The re{Fresh} Plan is truly AMAZING! The recipes are easy to follow and the plan is totally set up for you. From shopping lists, to recipes to helpful hints. Carly totally sets you up for success – the recipes are fabulous and I felt great while on the plan!” 

Erika B.

“I’m only into Week 1 of the meal plan but I just had to tell you I feel fantastic! I have so much more energy! Having a meal plan that’s done for me makes cooking so much easier and enjoyable. I honestly wasn’t sure if I would enjoy so many veggies, but I find myself looking forward to each meal. My husband and son were even impressed with the meals. You have changed my life! Thank you!”

Colleen R.

FitLiving Eats Nutritious slimdown

“I’m 19 days into the re{Fresh} Meal Plan and thought I would share my progress! I’m nine weeks postpartum and am down 6 pounds. I didn’t take measurements, but I can see a noticeable difference! Thank you for the support and easy to follow meals. It truly makes a difference for me to know what to each each day without having to plan and to feel good about what I’m putting in my body. Adjusting to life with two littles was a mess in the eating department the first few weeks so I’m glad I found this program!”

Misty H.

Ready to get re{Fresh}ed over the next 21 days?

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